BluElephant cleans waste water all around the world.

  • Low on
    (solar) energy
  • Extremely
  • Easy to
  • Supreme
    water quality
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Open the door to infinitely reusable water

In an ideal world, there would be no wastewater. In that world, polluted water from our household would form a new course of irrigation water, groundwater or rinse water. That world is brought a step closer with BluElephant. A mobile, decentralized wastewater purification system that can purify the wastewater from 50 to 150 people every day.

The process

Latest Challenges

Blue Elephant

Our first success

Blue Elephant

3 units in Palestine irrigate fruit orchards

Blue Elephant

From engineering model to mass production

Infinite water; every drop has been used before

“One elephant doesn't make a difference, but a whole caravan does.”


The BluElephant has already proven itself, with several units already deployed. From units at Waterboard Vechtstromen and Saxion University of Applied Sciences to three units at hospitals in Palestine. The success of these deployments has led to plans for further global expansion in the coming year. The BluElephant’ s impact is evident through its widespread utilization, with a promising future for its continued growth and positive influence on various sectors.

The process
The process

The Process

The BluElephant contains millions of bacteria (an activated sludge). After this activated sludge treatment, ultrafiltration is separating the treated water from this activated sludge.After that, UV disinfection is implemented as a double barrier for pathogenic contaminants. The water can then be used for purposes such as flushing water for toilets, discharge into surface water, or irrigation water. The residual sludge can be utilized as compost.

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